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Relationship, Family, Career, Finance, Work-Life Balance.


Life can throw us many curve balls and often there are bumps in the road.  Have you noticed how some people seem to brush it off, cope better whilst you're wondering how they do that?
The good news is, that will soon be you.  
We each have a past, together we'll help you to clearly understand yours, make peace with it and leave it in the past where it belongs.  
Then we'll map out your clear future path and I'll give you the tools to deal with whatever life throws at you.
Confidential Therapy Consultations
Life Coaching



Join me at my 
"True You Technique" Workshops



Working in a small group (Maximum 6 people), we'll actually practise my therapy techniques to address any personal issues you may have and create a feeling of wonderful calm and peace.  
Together we'll create your amazing emotional tool box for you to take away, and use for life.
A really enjoyable day and an opportunity to share and meet with like minded others.  Informal, relaxed and very informative.
Please call for a more detailed synopsis of the workshop



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